Emeralds of Tatarstan

(3 days / 2 nights)
Famous people quotations about Kazan.
Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, once said:
'... people live in a friendly atmosphere there. For instance, the Tatars visit the Russians bringing chak-chak, congratulating on religious holidays. The Russians, in their turn, bring pancakes'.
Day 1*:
Arrival in Kazan / Meeting at the station / airport; Transfer to the hotel (early check in will be charged extra);
Lunch (if necessary, optional);
Check in;
City Tour "Briefly about Kazan" with a visit to the Kazan Kremlin; **
Transfer to the hotel **
** Transfer in small groups (up to 9 people) to the point of beginning of the tour and after the tour to the hotel is calculated additionally if necessary
Day 2 *:
Breakfast (depending on a hotel);
Excursion to the ancient Bulgarians with lunch; ** (see above)
Day 3 *:
Breakfast (depending on a hotel);
Check out of the hotel;
Excursion to the "Island Sviyazhsk" with a visit to the Temple of all religions and Raifa Monastery ** (see above)
Transfer to the place of departure (train station, airport);
*These items are included in the tour price, with no hidden fees
Tour price:
Accommodation in the hostel*
From 7650 rub.
4800 rub.
за человека**
Hotel accommodation 2/3*
From 9400 rub.
6100 rub.
за человека**
Hotel accommodation 4/5*
From 11000 rub.
8400 rub.
за человека**
660 510
meters is the total length of our tourist routes, if combined together
1 010
years have passed since Kazan was first time mentioned in the annals of history
2 100 000
is the number of people who annually come to Kazan, and the majority of those lucky ones can experience our tours
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Kazan, Tatarstan
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Emeralds of Tatarstan
This tour offers you a bouquet of three places: Island Sviyazhsk, Raifa Monastery, and The Great City of Bolgar.
Raifa Monastery and Sviyazhsk are the two pearls of Christianity. Pilgrims from different parts of Russia keep coming here in order to recharge themselves with spiritual energy and pleasant emotions.
A hundred-year difference is barely seen. These two temples equally experienced their heyday and the fall when both became the places for keeping prisoners. By the time of the reconstruction, only one-fourth of Raifa Monastery was left. Today people come here to touch the miraculous icon of the Georgian Mother of God, gather some healing water and admire the monument.
The fortress-town was built in just 4 weeks in 1551 and it served as an outpost of Ivan IV (the Terrible) during the capture of Kazan. This is the only example of the ancient art of urban-scale lump bookmarks wooden buildings. Today the island-town Sviyazhsk is included in the preliminary list of cultural and natural heritage of UNESCO.
The very heart of the spiritual and mystical center of the Volga Region is the city of Bolgar. It is located in the place where the two rivers, Volga and Kama, fuse together and become a spiritual symbol of the Tatar people. The first feudal state, namely, Volzsk Bolgar emerged in the late of IX and the beginning of the X century AD. For a long time, it was the only developed nation in the far east of Europe.