Famous people quotations about Kazan.
Gabdulla Tukay, Tatar writer, once said:
'So, I am now in Kazan. I wanted to be here when I was in Uralsk, I dreamed about it, I devoted my enthusiastic lyrics to it...'.
Day 1*:
Arrival in Kazan / Meeting at the station / airport; Transfer to the hotel (early check in will be charged extra);
Lunch (if necessary optional);
Check in;
City Tour "Briefly about Kazan" with a visit to the Kazan Kremlin; **
Transfer to the hotel; **
** Transfer in small groups (up to 9 people) to the point of beginning of the tour and after the tour to the hotel is calculated additionally if necessary
Day 2 *:
Breakfast (depending on a hotel);
Excursion in Elabuga with lunch;
Day 3 *:
Breakfast (depending on a hotel);
Excursion to the "Island Sviyazhsk" with a visit to the Temple of all Religions and Raifa Monastery ** (see above)
Transfer to the hotel **
Day 4 *:
Breakfast (depending on a hotel);
Free time;
Check out of the hotel;
Walking tour "Old-Tatar settlement"; **
Free time / sightseeing tour around Lake Kaban (in addition to the season);
Transfer to the train / railway station (airport).
* These items are included in the tour price, with no hidden fees
Tour price:
Accommodation in the hostel*
From 9150 rub.
8100 rub.
per person**
Hotel accommodation 2/3*
From 11200 rub.
9800 rub.
per person**
Hotel accommodation 4/5*
From 13400 rub.
12800 rub.
per person**
660 510
meters is the total length of our tourist routes, if combined together
1 010
years have passed since Kazan was first time mentioned in the annals of history
2 100 000
is the number of people who annually come to Kazan, and the majority of those lucky ones can experience our tours
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Str. Decembrists 85b
Kazan, Tatarstan
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Take a taxi and say the address
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Kazan Khanate

History of Kazan is a multi-layered cake. You remove one layer and find another underneath. The period of the Kazan Khanate is associated with its flourishing capital and a lot of legends, some of which are still alive. For example, the legend of the Khan's treasure on the bottom of the Lake Kaban. You will pass it by during a walking tour through the old Tatar settlement. This legend is being transmitted from generation to generation. According to the legend, the treasury of the Kazan Khanate, weighing hundreds of batman was hidden on the bottom of Kaban on the north side of the lake. Attempts to raise the treasures were taken in 1968, in 1975 and in 1980 by the lake-lovers and divers, but all were unsuccessful.

You will remember the tour and a visit to Yelabuga and one of its main attractions "Chertovo Gorodische" (The Devil's City). This is a gray tower, standing on the higher bank of the river where the rivers Kama and Toima fuse together near the city of Elabuga. The tower is called The Devil's City, because people believed that the tower was erected in one night by the devil.