Tour to sport objects of Kazan

Visit all significant sport objects of the capital of Tatarstan
Famous people quotations about Kazan.
Ilsur Metshin, Kazan city-major, once said:
'Will there be Olympics in Kazan? That's like asking a young girl, whether she is going to get married'.
The key points of the tour:
Palace of Water Sports

It is the largest indoor sports facility in Kazan and one of the largest in Russia. The palace is used for training and holding competitions in water sports. Alternatively, it can be used as a universal sports palace.
Universiade Village

This unique residential area was erected for the accommodation of athletes and other guests during Kazan Summe Universiade 2013.
Volleyball Center

This is another indoors multifunctional sports arena in Kazan. It is the home arena for volleyball club "Zenit" and "Dynamo-Kazan".
Kazan Arena

A football stadium of the highest fourth category (according to the "Regulations of the stadium infrastructure" UEFA) located in Kazan (Republic of Tatarstan). The stadium with the largest outside screen in Europe was opened on June 14, 2013.
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Kazan people experienced an absolute euphoria during the Summer Universiade 2013. More than 150 thousand visitors from 160 countries spend nearly 2 weeks in the atmosphere of endless holiday, smiles and happiness.

Ever since that time, Kazan is rightfully known as the sports capital of Russia. The best part for all of the citizens and tourists is the stadium "Kazan-Arena" which is the place where the opening and closing ceremonies were held. The Universiade Village and the Aquatics Center, as well as more than 30 objects, were built during the preparation for the event. We decided to show you our selection of places where the history was made, where the sound of laughter was mixed with the teas of happiness. This is the "Champion Kazan" excursion.