Temple of all Religions

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Famous people quotations About Kazan.
Alexander Herzen, writer once said:
" 'Actually, Kazan is of great importance, because it is a meeting place of the two worlds. That is why there are two beginnings: West and East…'
The key points of the tour::
Zilant monastery

The monastery is located in the city of Kazan, namely, on Zilantova mountain, which is more than two kilometers from the Kazan Kremlin, if you walk along in the river Kazanka. This place is full of spiritual purity.
Mosque of Al-Marjani

This Mosque is located between the street "Kayuma Nasyri" and the Lower (Middle) Kaban lake. The mosque has become a historic embodiment of a multi-religious tolerant society in Russia which was proclaimed by Catherine II at the end of the XVIII century. For more than two centuries this mosque was the largest and main in Kazan.
Catholic Church

The temple was built in the style of Classicism. The architectural project was based on the of the historic façade of Vozdvizheniya Temple. The author of the project tried to bring the architecture of the new temple closer to the old version. The temple has a shape of a cross with the axial dimensions of 43.5 x 21.8 meters.
Kazan Icon of the Mother of God

A miraculous icon of the Virgin which appeared in Kazan in 1579 is one of the most celebrated icons of Russian Orthodox Church.
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Kazan at the crossroads of religions
If you have preparing for a trip to Kazan, you already know that the capital of the Republic is a home to all nationalities. This is the place where the Russian may say "Salam" and Tatars may dip into the water-hole in winter, which is a Christian tradition. Every person will find a helping hand in Tatarstan. For instance, when Catholics began to build a church, the Jews were among those who donated the money. Moreover, in the late 1990s, the first to come and offer his help in "raising" the first Jewish house was the imam-khatib of the Mosque "Nurullah".

It is unbelievable, but there is even the Temple of all Religions in Kazan! According to the legend, on the 19th of April in 1994 Ildar Khanov saw a dream where Jesus told him to start building a Temple. Ildar replied that he had no money and funds for the construction. Jesus said, "Just start building, people will believe in you and help will come." The next morning Ildar came out into the yard and began digging the foundation. Less than half an hour later, Ildar's neighbor got to know that Ildar was to build a Temple and promised to send 15 workers to assist in construction works. The next day, in the middle of the night Ildar heard a noise in the yard. He came out and saw that someone had brought 3 trucks of brick. Who brought the brick still remains a mystery. Surrounding people were helping by all means, and the work did not stop for a single day.

Today the Temple of all Religions or the Universal Temple is a complex of 16 churches of different religions. In the basis of everything, there is the most important foundation which is love.