Alexander Pushkin, one of the greatest Russian poets, once wrote to his wife:
"I'll tell you in detail about Kazan ... Kiss you"
The key points of the tour:
Kazan Kremlin

The oldest part of Kazan, a complex of monuments that reveals the long history of the city. A white-stone Kremlin, a number of churches and buildings of great architectural and historical-cultural value, the official residence of the President of Tatarstan are situated there. The Kremlin has a UNESCO 'World Heritage Site' status since 2000.
Family Center 'Kazan'

Wedding Palace (Registry office) 'Kazan', which is also known as a family center, has become one of the main sights of Kazan. The interior of each of the ceremonial rooms of the family center is made in different styles and represents different style epochs.
Karl Marx Street

One of the oldest streets of Kazan, named after a German politician, philosopher and economist Karl Marx during the celebration of its 100th anniversary in May 1918. It is the longest street of the city center.
Kazan Arena

A football stadium of the highest fourth category (according to the "Regulations of the stadium infrastructure" UEFA) located in Kazan (Republic of Tatarstan). The stadium with the largest outside screen in Europe was opened on June 14, 2013.
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Kazan sightseeing-tour
This is one of the most rewarding adventures. In the next 4 hours, you are going to dive into this amazing escape quest where you will have to unravel the cultural, historic and modern city code. Are you ready and excited?
Resembling the DNA strand, the Kazan Kremlin interlaces the newest and thousand-year-old history. This historic fortress and UNESCO heritage cannot leave anyone indifferent. Basics of planning and internal organization of the architectural complexes remained the same since Ivan the Terrible's times!