The main points of the Kazan Kremlin tour:
Tower Syuyumbike

Syuyumbike tower is one of the "falling" towers (such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa), since it has a significant deviation on the north-east side. At the moment, its spire deviation from the vertical is 1.98 meters. There is a number of legends about the name of this Watch Tower.
Spaso-Preobrazhenskiy Monastery

It was founded in the XVI century by St. Varsonofy. During the period of the Kazan Khanate in the cemetery was located on the Monastery territory. Nowadays there are ruins and the museum of Spaso-preobrazhenskiy Monastery.
Blagoveshchensky cathedral

It was built in the XVI century by Pskov architects Ivan Shiryaev and Postnik Yakovlev. The white-stone cathedral initially was just the half-size of the modern construction which was enlarged as a result of several reconstructions. The code is based on 6 round pillars, as in the Uspenskiy Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin.
Kul-Sharif Mosque

The main Juma Mosque of the Republic of Tatarstan and Kazan since 2005 is located on the territory of the Kazan Kremlin. The Mosque construction began in 1996 as a recreation of the legendary mosque with many minarets in the capital of the Kazan Khanate, the center of religious education and the development of the Middle Volga region of the XVI century science.
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You come to the Kremlin and stumble upon the cobbled streets. They are more than 200 years old. If only these streets could tell us more about the events they witnessed, the conversations they heard, we would write a great story based on their tales. Around the corner, you can find the bakery where one of the nicest coffee in town is served.

So, let us start our Kremlin tour, while the coffee is warming your hands up.

The first point to see is a white-stone arch of Preobrazhenskaya Tower. In times of Kazan Khanate, Temenskaya Tower was in its place, but it has not survived up to our days and was rebuilt.

The most vivid historical monuments, e.g. Blagoveschenisky Cathedral, Pushechniy Yard and Suyumbike Tower, are still waiting for you ahead. The latter is especially enjoyed by the tour guides for its legend, according to which the queen Syuyumbike jumped from the seventh storey of the tower in order not to get captured by Ivan the Terrible. The queen fell dead, and the Kazan Khanate was conquered by the troops of Ivan the Terrible. For safety reasons the Tower is closed now, however, you can still make nice pictures with it. The fact is that the Suyumbike Tower is "falling" and the deviation is as much as 2 meters, so one can notice it with the naked eye. Tower Syuyumbike is often compared with the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

You can spend the whole day here. Let's start!