Raifa Monastery and Sviyazhsk

An unforgettable place, rich in history, irreplaceable experience!
Famous people quotations about Kazan.
Vsevolod (Zakharov), Archimandrite once said:
'Raifa Monastery has been in ruins for a long time, it was sick, but we all became doctors and returned it into life. Now it has become our doctor...'
The key points of the excursions:
The bell tower above the holy gates

It is one of the last pre-revolutionary buildings (1903). This is a 60-meter high tower with a 7-meter long cross on the top. In 1999, a hurricane demolished the cross and later it was set back by helicopter. On the second layer of the Bell Tower you will find the Church of Archangel.
Cathedral of Georgian Mother of God

It is the place where the main shrine of the monastery, namely, the copy of the miraculous icon of the Georgian Mother of God, is located. It was transferred to the monastery in 1668. A copy is considered to be the oldest among all known, and the original of the Georgian Mother of God has not been preserved. It is believed that the icon cures many diseases, e.g. cancer, gastric diseases, eye and dental diseases, as well as purifies one's soul from dark spirits and helps women suffering from infertility.
Museum of Sviyazhsk History

Sviyazhsk history museum is located in a complex of state-owned buildings built in 1838-1840. The museum exhibitions "The ancient city of Sviyazhsk" and "Pages of Sviyazhsk History" feature a unique layout with the reproduction of the planning and construction of Sviyazhsk life in the middle of the XVI century.
Voznesenskiy Makarievskiy Monastery

It was founded in the first half of the XVII century by Isaiah of Makarevskogo-Unzhenskogo monastery. According to the church saying, two centuries before St. Makariy Zheltovodsky and Unzhensky was praying in this place thanking God for his release from captivity in Kazan (in 1439).
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Raifa Monastery and Sviyazhsk are the two pearls of Christianity. Pilgrims from different parts of Russia keep coming here in order to recharge themselves with spiritual energy and pleasant emotions.

A hundred-year difference is barely there. These two temples equally experienced their heyday and the fall when both became the places for keeping prisoners. By the time of the reconstruction only one fourth of Raifa Monastery left. Today people come here to touch the miraculous icon of the Georgian Mother of God, gather some healing holly water and admire the monument.

When Russian poet Alexander Pushkin first saw Sviyazhsk, he was in the indescribable delight. It turned out that the poet imagined a fabulous city on the island of Buyan in exactly same way: a huge, beautiful island on a high mountain, towering in the middle of the river: the island, with an amazing story that cannot be found anywhere else in the whole world. The fortress-town was built in just 4 weeks in 1551 and it served as an outpost of Ivan IV (the Terrible) during the capture of Kazan. This is the only example of ancient art of urban-scale lump bookmarks wooden buildings. Today the island Sviyazhsk is included into the preliminary list of cultural and natural heritage of UNESCO.