Visit Kazan 2 days/1 night

Program for 2 days. Unforgettable experience!
Famous people quotations about Kazan.
Alexei Tolstoy, writer once said:
'Kazan for me is almost a native city: this is the place where my first battle took place, and here I first fell in love'.
Day 1*:
Arrival in Kazan / Meeting at the station / airport; Transfer to the hotel (early check will be charged extra);
Lunch (optional);
Check in;
City tour with a visit to the Kazan Kremlin; **
Transfer to the hotel **
** Transfer in small groups (up to 9 people) to the point of beginning of the tour and after the tour to the hotel is calculated additionally if necessary
Day 2 *:
Breakfast (depending on a hotel);
Check out of the hotel;
Walking tour "Small pedestrian ring" with a visit to the Kremlin embankment; **
Transfer to the train / railway station (airport);
* These items are included in the tour price, with no hidden fees
Tour price:
Accommodation in the hostel*
From 3350 rub.
1900 rub.
per person**
Hotel accommodation 2/3*
From 4350 rub.
2900 rub.
per person**
Hotel accommodation 4/5*
From 5300 rub.
3900 rub.
per person**
660 510
meters is the total length of our tourist routes, if combined together
1 010
years have passed since Kazan was first time mentioned in the annals of history
2 100 000
is the number of people who annually come to Kazan, and the majority of those lucky ones can experience our tours
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Str. Decembrists 85b
Kazan, Tatarstan
How to get to the office
Take a taxi and say the address
"Str. Decembrists 85b"

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During the two days of the tour, you are going to walk across the bridge of time. This bridge unites the past and the present, namely, historical and the newest part of the city. The Kazan Kremlin is responsible for a historical part. Three military campaigns against Kazan run by Ivan the Terrible did not manage to break the walls of the Kremlin. While entering Kazan, Ivan the terrible was struck by the beauty of the city and commanded to erect Blagoveschenskiy Cathedral on the territory of the Kremlin. The cathedral was later visited by the emperors of the Russian Empire: Peter I and Alexander I, and Catherine II. In the XX century, Fyodor Shaliapin regularly sang among the cathedral choir members.