The great city of Bolgar

A fascinating tour to the ancient city of Bulgar with departure from Kazan. Place of adoption of Islam in Russia!
UNESCO General Director Irina Bokova while awarding the certificate of adding Bolgar Historical and Archeological complex into UNESCO World Heritage List said:
'This is a magnificent monument and it already belongs to the world, not only to you'.
The key points of the tour:
Museum of the Bolgar civilization

Museum of the Bolgar civilization (Museum of Archaeology), located on the bank of the river Volga on the third and fourth floors of the new River Station building. Here you can get acquainted with the rich history and culture of Volga Bolgaria from the time of its first mentioning in the 10th century until the end of the Bolgar epoch in the early 15th century.
Memorable sign

One of the main attractions of the Bolgar city is a giant Koran, the largest ever been published.
The Great Minaret

The minaret was built in the XIII century. You will pass through it while going to the main building of the antient city of Bolgars.
White Mosque

The buildings of 'Ak Mechet' (means White Mosque in Tatar) is situated near the southern gate of the Tatar town of Bolgar. In the figurative sense, white is the color of spirituality and purity.
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Bolgar is the cradle of Tatar history. Due to its convenient geographical location, Bolgar of the 10th century was larger than London, Paris, and Kiev. Live was seething, every day dozens of merchants from Russia, Central Asia, Iran, Byzantium, and China brought their goods for sale and were leaving with packs full of pottery, molded houseware, leather, jewelry and bronze mirrors.

Bolgar mirrors were legendary far outside Russian borders: one side is polished and shiny, and the other was covered with an embossed ornament and inscriptions, to guarantee the happiness of the owner: "Glory and longevity, happiness and glory, exaltation and praise, wealth and honor, power and prosperity, Allah's mercy to the owner forever". The excavations on the territory of the ancient Bolgars take place up to our days. Every day archeologists keep finding pieces of jewelry. Bolgars were superior to the rest of the world not only from the economical but also from the technological poin of view. In the 10th century some tribes were just beginning to introducing the ritual of taking a bath, while the Bolgars had already had an aqueduct that supplied water to the houses, numerous fountains, and baths which bacame an important part of the Bolgars' social life.

One of the main attractions of Bolgar is the Tatarstan Taj Mahal: White Mosque. It is considered to be an architectural pearl of modern Tatarstan. More than 1,200 tons of marble was used for the construction of the Mosque. This is an approximate weigh of one of the largest blocks of the Egipt pyramids.

Bolgar is also interesting because its history is the beginning of another story, namely the story of Kazan. Two brothers, the sons of burned Khan were released by the Mongols in Bolgar. They ran out of town and they were going along the river Volga, until one of them dropped 'Kazan' into the water. But that is another story.